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5 April 1960
I'm married, have 2 kids and a son-in-law. I'm also about to become a grandmother in Feb/2006.

Well, Grandmotherdom came before I was ready-Joseph Franklin Simmons was born on Christmas day, 2005. He was two months early and weighed a whopping 3 lb 6 oz. He's gained up to 5 lb 10 oz last weigh-in and has another scheduled tomorrow (1/31) so we'll know more then.

I like to crochet and knit mostly. Chat and build websites.

I like to do the Secret Pals at our church, where you get a pal and gift her with things all year round, saving slightly more expensive things for special occasions (birthday, anniversary, Valentines, etc.). I like to do handmade things, not because they're inexpensive but because I enjoy it and most people like getting something with a personal touch. Most of the time it's a crocheted/knit item and I haven't gone wrong with that yet.

I've made afghans on order and for gifts. I've written patterns for a few things that others are now using. I've made hats, scarves, doilies, almost anything that can be crocheted/knit I've done. One goal is to make a knit afghan, if I can find the pattern I'm looking for-it's called Sea of Tranquility but could be under another name by then. As a matter of fact I think I've seen it under a different name, will have to search around more.

This is my most recent:

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